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What hardware do I need to get started?

myTuneSync runs on Macs and PCs so either one will do. Details:

Macintosh Requirements

  • Any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X version 10.4 or later (see notes about Mac OS X Lion below).
  • At least 256MB of RAM
  • At least 20MB of hard drive space (for myTuneSync)

Windows Requirements

  • Any compatible PC running Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • At least 256MB of RAM
  • At least 20MB of hard drive space (for myTuneSync)

What software do I need to get started?

Well, you need myTuneSync obviously. But beyond that you need a couple other things to take full advantage of its functionality:

Windows Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment version 1.5 or later (available for free from Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
  • Bonjour for Windows version 1.0.4 or later (available for free from Apple, Inc.)
    Bonjour is not required to use myTuneSync on Windows, but without it you will have to manually configure each computer to find the others, so it is highly recommended.

Macintosh Requirements

  • As long as you're running Mac OS X version 10.4 or later, you don't need anything else.

Does myTuneSync synchronize metadata?

Yes. myTuneSync 1.2, allows you to sync Album Rating, BPM, Comments, Disc Number, Disc Count, Equalizer, Genre, Rating, Played Count, Played Date, Skipped Count and Year. And you can configure if and when to sync an attribute based on conditions like: If it is not set, If it has increased, If it is newer or Always.

Does myTuneSync synchronize playlists?

Yes. Starting with myTuneSync 1.2, playlist syncing is now supported. And you can select which playlists to sync using a set of filters just like you can with tracks.

What kind of files can I sync?

myTuneSync can synchronize any kind of file that is in the iTunes Music Library. Includes (but not limited to):

  • .mp3 - MPEG audio file
  • .mp4 - MPEG4 audio file
  • .m4a - AAC audio file
  • .m4p - Protected AAC audio file
  • .m4v - Protected MPEG-4 video file
  • .mov - Quicktime movie file
  • .pdf - PDF file

Will myTuneSync circumvent the security on Apple's Protected AAC file format?

No. While myTuneSync will synchronize protected files, if you are not authorized to play them in iTunes then you won't be able to listen to or watch them. Shame on ya'!

My music library is huge. How long will it take to sync?

That depends on a lot of things, like:

  • How fast is your network?
  • What other things are happening on your network (i.e. file transfers)?
  • How many files actually have to be synced?

So there is no way to estimate this, especially for the first run of myTuneSync. But once you have synced two computers, the next time you sync them it should go a ton faster since myTuneSync only copies over files added since the last sync.

Can I use myTuneSync on a computer that is not running iTunes?

No. myTuneSync uses the iTunes Music Library.xml file to determine what files are in your music library and what files you don't have. Furthermore, myTuneSync adds tracks to your library by telling iTunes to add them. So, no iTunes, no myTuneSync. (Download iTunes for Free from Apple, Inc.)

Do I have to purchase multiple licenses?

You must purchase one license for each computer you want to run myTuneSync. So if you have a desktop computer and a laptop you want to sync, you must purchase two licenses. But check out our 3-pack to save some dough.

How does myTuneSync decide if two tracks are the same?

myTuneSync 1.0 compared tracks using the Artist, Album and Name. Starting with myTuneSync 1.1, you can configure additional attributes to use, such as Track Number, Track Count and Kind.

Is myTuneSync compatible with iTunes 8?

Yes. We have tested myTuneSync v1.1.1 and v1.2 with iTunes 8 on both Mac and Windows operating systems and have found that everything works correctly.

Note to Windows users: Installation of iTunes 8 seems to break Bonjour networking on Windows. So after you install iTunes 8 you may need to reinstall Bonjour for Windows (available for free from Apple, Inc.)

Is myTuneSync compatible with iTunes 9?

Yes. We have tested myTuneSync v1.2.1 with iTunes 9 on both Mac and Windows operating systems and have found that everything works correctly.

Is myTuneSync compatible with iTunes 10?

Yes. We have tested myTuneSync v1.2.1 with iTunes 10 on both Mac and Windows operating systems and have found that everything works correctly.

Since iTunes 9 added Home Sharing, why would I still need myTuneSync?

It's true that Apple added a new synchronization feature to iTunes 9, called Home Sharing. However, Home Sharing is very limited compared to myTuneSync. Here are the main reasons you still need myTuneSync.

  • iTunes will only sync tracks that are missing. It will not sync any changes to tracks after that. So changes in metadata (ratings, play counts, etc.) will not get synced. myTuneSync will continue to sync your changes.
  • iTunes will only automatically sync tracks that were purchased from the iTunes Store. So imported CDs or tracks purchased through other sources will not sync automatically.myTuneSync can sync all items, regardless of where they were purchased.
  • iTunes will not sync your playlists. myTuneSync will.
  • iTunes requires all computers involved in Home Sharing be logged into the iTunes Store using the same user account. myTuneSync does not.
  • iTunes must be running for your syncs to occur. myTuneSync will automatically start iTunes if necessary.
  • myTuneSync offers a much more robust filtering mechanism, allowing you to easily specify exactly which tracks you want to sync. And if you are syncing multiple computers with each other, you can specify different rules for each pair of computers.
  • SocketHead Studios is a great, small company and you should support small businesses. I know, I know. This one is a little self-serving. ;-)

Does myTuneSync work with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

The short answer is yes. But you must be running the latest version of myTuneSync which is currently version 1.2.2.

The reason for this is that with the release of OS X Lion, Apple changed some of the permissions of the system-wide directories, so they are no longer writable by any user other than root. Since this is where we stored the license file for myTuneSync, we had to move that file to a new location, in a user-specific area, rather than the system-wide area.

When you run myTuneSync 1.2.2 for the first time, it will check for the license file in its old location, and move it to the new location automatically. So you shouldn't notice any problems.